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Building the Backblaze Storage Pod

Well, I've finally started to blog! A great start to this would be to start my projects with the BackBlaze Storage Pod.

About a year back I received an email from my previous boss regarding a really cool storage server idea from Backblaze (which is a company that does online backups...) a great company, I actually use them myself, you can visit them on the web at www.backblaze.com. The storage pod idea was thought up in order to design cheap cloud storage. I'll let you read their blog if you want some more information on this, but I also wanted to link to their site because all the information I got for this project was from their blog, and other bloggers who used their idea. To them I extend my thanks and gratitude for coming up with the project and sharing their ideas and adventures with everyone on the web, and so I follow suit to try to make this a growing project and document this build from the ground up.



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