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Drive Testin'

It’s a big mess I know, but I was working on this over the weekend and wanted to start the RAID initialization so when I came back on Monday I would be able to have it ready for me.

I’m doing some performance testing on the drives using HD Tune. I’ve set this up on the 3ware controller using a RAID 50. After I get some numbers off this, I’m going to go with a RAID 10, and a RAID 0 to see how they compare.

Just want to see what works and how good it works.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm starting to do research on building a Storage Pod of my own. Found your article when searching for Storage Pod Redundant Power Supplies beacuse I too thought this would be a nice addition to this project.

Wondering if you could send me an update on how your storage pod project went. While I'm interested in if the redundant power supplies worked out I'm also interested in all other aspects of the do's and don'ts of your project too. How did that RAID adapter work out for you? I plan on using Windows 2008.

Thanks - jason -at- aitmgt -dot- com

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