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Edgesync Credentials Not Found For Edge Transport

I got a call on a Saturday from my China counterpart about their Exchange 2007 Edge server losing its connection to the Hub. Actually, I’m not using an Exchange Edge, I got my IronPort/Barracuda taking care of Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus, so this is the first time I got to deal with an Exchange 2007 Edge server.

I got to reading a few forums and either they were left opened or the solution worked for some people but not everyone. I finally got this server to work by compiling a few threads.

In my case I got the error “Edgesync Credentials Not Found For [Edge Transport Server Name]”

I then proceeded to use the steps from a few websites:

This one kept appearing all over the place and is pretty much on it, except for a couple of steps on my case-


This one includes a script to verify the certificate on AD, which it was of no help to me –


BTW, the missing smiley on the script code is supposed to be “…SearchScope]::Subtree;” I had a tough time figuring that one out L

In the end it was this thread that helped me out –


I kept getting an “LDAP server not found” error. After making sure the certificates were not the same, and that they were created properly, I finally stumbled onto the third website. Then I just simply deleted the certificate, restarted the ADAM service and was good to go.

This are the notes I sent to my friend in China after the sync was successful:
1) Removed the edge subscription from the hub and edge servers
a. Hub: Remove from management console
b. Edge: from powershell -> Remove-EdgeSubscription -> edge
c. Restart transport service on both servers
2) Recreated the Hub certificate
3) Recreated the edge certificate
4) Enabled the certificate on hub for POP, IIS, and SMTP
5) Enabled the certificate on edge for SMTP
6) Deleted the certificate from ADAM service
a. Restarted ADAM service
7) Created the Edge subscription file
a. Edge -> Powershell -> New-EdgeSubscription -FileName "c:\EdgeServerSubscription.xml"
8) Imported the xml file on the Hub for new subscription
9) Ran “Start-EdgeSynchronization” on Powershell of Hub server and got a success

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