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J-Initiator on Windows 7 x64 (64-bit)

I gotta admit, I think I spent a good 100 hours trying to figure this one out. I’ve personally have deployed Vista x64 since about 2 years now, and ever since then I’ve been trying to get away from having to use another computer to run Oracle E-Business suite. At first it wasn’t that big of a deal since I didn’t use it much, but recently I’ve been deploying a few Windows 7 x64 machines and have had to use XP-Mode for the users to get this to work.

We’ll I finally figured this out, and while many websites include some good tips on making this work with a different version of J-Initiator, my company is stuck with an old version and so I’m not even able to use those workarounds.

Maris Elsins wrote this blog:

But in his case he was using 1.4.2_11, the JRE for my version of is unavailable from Sun.

Raymond Reid wrote this:

I can get version to work, or at least install on Win 7 x64, but again… not the version we’re using, and Oracle keeps wanting to install version even though I have installed.

Ok, so now to the nitty + gritty. I could just provide you the files, but I’m more of a “teach them to fish” type of guy.

1) Download InstallRite application (the original website seems to have been taken offline, but just search on Google and I’m sure you’ll find some site that has it archived. I believe I downloaded mine from http://www.brothersoft.com/ )

2) Use it to create an install package in a 32-bit Windows XP machine of J-Initiator version

3) Now that you have all the file and registry modifications that have been made, go ahead and extract the new and modified registry settings from the install package (just right-click and extract) I believe it’s a total of 8 files, 4 new and 4 modified registry hives.

4) Now find the files that were created, it should be an Oracle folder under program files.

5) Copy that Oracle folder from the WinXP machine to the Win7 x64 machine, I placed my folder under the “Program Files” folder and not the “Program Files(x86)” folder. Just to keep things easy.

6) Edit the 2 HKEY_Users files by replacing the SID with the one from the registry of the Win7 x64 machine.

7) Edit the 2 HKEY_Local_Machine files by replacing the “SOFTWARE\” word with “SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\”

8) Simply open up notepad and use the Replace… feature for the above two steps.

9) Finally import the reg keys, reboot, and Voila!

10) I got IE 8 and it works fine on my Win7 x64 machine, I can now open up my Oracle apps without having to go through XP-Mode!

A few last notes:

1) You may get an error on one of the reg keys above, but since I got it working and with all the time I have already spent on it, I didn’t want to dig any further into what the cause of it is. Also, I guess I could clean up the reg keys a bit before I imported them, but as I said… it’s working, I don’t want to bother with it anymore.

2) The J-initiator console is not imported with the above steps. I was unable to register the dll file.

3) If you need the console, you may want to try checking out this website, and run another version of J-Initiator:

Just remember about the \SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ part, I haven’t tried it, but maybe it’s worth a look

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Anonymous said...

Mando - Your Jinitator is exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately I apparently have trouble following directions. I've downloaded the InstallRite program and created the install package for Jinit, however I am unable to locate the registry files which need to be edited. Please help.

Mando said...

Here's the link to my install. I'll have to put up some pics on how to do this on your own, but for the meantime...


Anonymous said...

Mando, you are awesome. You saved so much of my time. I wish you the best...

'l Ciucatùn said...

Mando, you are GREAT! Now I can't check if it works but in every case you are a BIG PERSON!!!

'l Ciucatùn said...

IT WORKS! Thanks a lot, Mando!!!

Arty Borulia said...

Greate post, works good!!!! thanks a lot

Unknown said...

thank you Mando this is great!! it worked

Unknown said...


Do you know where i can found the jinitiator ?
i don't found it on orale website :(

Sangeetha said...

Dear Mando,

You are a master of Windows and Oracle. You cracked an unbelievable solution. Thanks a lot.

Sangeetha said...

Your identifydb.obj gives yellow bar.

ElectroBuddha said...

I've done all steps in this tutorial, and checked all twice, but IE still gives me the message "This website wants to install following Add-on: Oracle JInitiator".

I'm using Win7 64bit, and IE9, could anyone give some suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

Need load to regystry only 2 reg files
see achive...

Jinitiator on Windows 7 x64

Marc_Hav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ElectroBuddha said...

Hey kroligoff,
Is it possible for you to build the same solution for Oracle JInitiator ver. ? My company need it because of some legacy application. I tried Mandos solution but IE 9 (Win 7 x64) still doesn't detect the plugin as installed but pops yellow dialog every time asking to install JInitiator. I'd really appreciate if anyone could help?

Mando said...

Sorry ElectroBuddha, we're right in the middle of an upgrade to R12 and I'm not currently supporting IE9 in my environment.

I'll bust out a VM and try to check it out, but just giving you a heads up that I've been pretty busy lately so not sure how long it'll take me to try it out.

My recommendation is to downgrade to IE8 for now.

Saby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saby said...

Hi Mando,
It Worked!!!
I dont know how to thank you. You did a huge favor to me.
though I got error message while importing HKEY_CURRENT_USERS and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE files (4 files errored- 2 for insert and 2 for update), but still it worked.
A big salute!!

Mando said...

ElectroBuddha, we completed our upgrade and we dont have the previous instance running anymore. I am unable to test.

The problem with getting this to work on IE9 is that it does not work with XP... therefore I am unable to run the steps outlined. Hopefully somebody else can help out.

JESTSTAR said...

I just want to say THANK YOU! I tried this method of installation with our version and it work perfectly! Thank you so much for posting this work around.

Rossney said...

Mando, Thank you! I was looking for this for several months.
If you dont mind, i would like to contact you to share some thoughts about migration to R12. It seems as you faced all my troubles some months before i have to! Could you please send me an email?

Regards, and thanks again!

Hijrah Clothing said...

Hi Mando. Thanks for the workaround though i know it's abit too long ago based on your post. Anyway, It works well in Win7 64bit on IE version 9. However I've tried on Win7 with IE10 and also on Win8 it seems it is still prompting to install the plugin. Any clues? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

www.maulid.com - You indicated that you got it to work on IE9 with Win7 - I cannot seem to get it to work - what did you do differently?

Unknown said...

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