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Final Numbers - Backblaze Storage Pod

It’s been a while since I last wrote about this, and I’ve had these pics and numbers for a while.

In the end the best configuration was using the 3Ware card with a 15 drive RAID-50 and a spare drive. I’ve been running this thing since July and to tell you the truth I’m not even using the other 30 drives yet. My 22TB config has about 10TB left on it, so seeing how little storage I was using I didn’t bother with the Addonics cards. I just decided to wait until my next year’s budget to get some more 3ware cards.

The power supply worked like a champ, but I was not able to get the redundancy I wanted. I simply decided that this was just a backup device. I have the spare power supply mounted on the pod, and should the main power supply fail, I’ll simply move the connections over to the second power supply – aided by the fact that the PS is modular.

Below are the numbers I was seeing when the hard drives would start up. Each rail can do 30A, so I was well within the range. I think the peak range for this PS was in the 35 or 40 range, so I was able to load up a rail pretty high in one instance… Don’t remember, but I think I powered up all 45 drives on one rail to see if it’ll take it and it did!

I’m actually planning for my budget for this year. I’ve learned quite a bit of things with this project and will upload my version 2 on this project as soon as I am able too. Of the few things I would change: motherboard (to have more PCI-E slots,) processor (go with Intel i7,) and definitely go all 3ware on the RAID config. Will post part numbers and pricing on my ideas next time.


Normal Operation

20HDs - molex














10HDs - molex







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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know you posted an update. I'm looking forward to your v2 updates.

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