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ADI Installation for 64-bit OS

I was trying to install ADI on my Citrix server that was running Windows 2008 R2 (x64) and kept getting an error on adicom30.ins(509): OS ERROR

Found this nice article by Ning:

Basically, just comment out the 509th line and run it again. Should install. I'm still testing it out to make sure it works and I don't have any other issues, but so far the application runs….

This is what I commented out.

        /* Register the 32Bit AUW Files 
          spawn( replace( "%windows_sys_dir%\SPAWNER.EXE %windows_sys_dir%\AUWREG32.EXE /S /32", "\\", "\") );  
        ['UNKNOWN_ERROR, 'NO_RESPONSE: continue();]

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