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Static NAT with Dual WAN on Cisco IOS 1841

Thought I’d post this up. Thanks to x443 for posting this up too, that’s where I found my solution.


I found a bunch of links for dual WAN capability, but only for traffic going out, not much on dual WAN with Static NATs for traffic coming in.


This is a common link on the forums, but mostly used for when your primary WAN goes down and you want to failover to your secondary.



x443 linked me to this page:



Basically it allows you to have two WAN connections terminating to the same host on the inside. While many set ups would require proper DNS configuration should your primary fail (as would be the case for a www or smtp server,) there are other uses for this.


The reason I was looking for this was because someone had two ISPs and wanted to have some VPN users terminate to their Windows Remote Access Server using one ISP, and another set of VPN users terminating to the other ISP. In that case, this would be the ideal solution.


Once again, thanks x443!




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